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 Heavenly Bracelet Shop was born out of the passion to inspire personal healing, natural magic and mindfulness. It was a simple and effective way to encourage people to think deeply about the magic of the natural world and how they can intertwine it with their own. Heavenly Bracelet Shop is a domain where you can purchase quality crystal bracelets for your own personal healing and learn about the magic and power the natural world holds. As we move through life we seem to gravitate toward a more holistic approach to finding balance and harmony in our lives. The natural magic crystals breed into our lives reaches deep into the core of Mother Nature's immense power to restore balance and harmony on every level. 

  The creative process is quite simple since we allow other's energy to influence the designs of our crystal bracelets. People inspire us and on an intuitive frequency we are able to create one of a kind designs for our customers. We also personalize for you and your entire family!! Check out the "Get To Know Your Crystals Page" and blog titled "Tips: Design your own Crystal Bracelet" for more information on personalizing.

  A lot is going on in the world and much love and healing is needed right now and one way to address that is with the assistance of crystals.

  There's an intimate connection between wearer and crystal that only the person in possession will understand, they are our companions and have consciousness. (For more on this subject check out my blogs: The Magic of Wearing Crystals & Crystals and How They Hold Space For Us)

 We are all about simplicity at Heavenly Bracelet Shop so each bracelet is made on secure stretch magic elastic for a no hassle wear. Great for taking them on and off quickly and perfect for stacking styles. And since we search high and low for the best quality crystal beads feel confident that you are getting the highest healing frequency available. The crystal beads are 6mm in size, unless otherwise specified, and they pack enough power within them while not being overbearing or heavy. Each genuine crystal bracelet is cleansed of any previous energy and shipped ready to wear. All our healing crystal bracelets are Reiki infused.

 Our goal is to assist in restoring people's innate knowledge of natural healing through connecting with crystals and to take you on a journey through the magic of nature. Our motivation is to help you achieve personal freedom by placing magic and power back into your own hands and that of the infinite. (Blog: Take Back Your Power With Crystals)

 Come back to visit Heavenly Bracelet Shop regularly since we always have new designs and new insights being posted. 

 We are open to new ideas and creating more designs for people around the globe. We look forward to working with you to create exactly what you may be searching for. I am honored to be the vessel for Heavenly Bracelet Shop.

Thank you for your business.

  Owner and Creator,

   Celeste Vitello

If you are interested in Reiki, Energy Healing or Private Yoga Sessions, check out my website.


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